Your hosts

in the Country Hotel Kirchenwirt

Already when we were children, we two sisters loved playing "guesthouse" together and our grandma and mum were amazed at our enthusiasm and endurance. This enthusiasm for cooking, baking and pampering guests is something we have upheld and expanded on until this day.

We spent many a winter season in international hotels and in summer we were always kept busy with our own restaurant, until in 2010 we then bought the Kirchenwirt. (Even though part of it still belongs to the bank - but a little bit less everyday.)

Travelling is our great passion. Be it a short trip or long-distance journey - what could be better than travelling with friends? From these experiences many a new idea has been born to add to our hotel business.

In our hotel we maintain personal and cordial relations with our guests, the warm and friendly vibes from our Kirchenwirt-team is the cornerstone for a great holiday here with us in Salzburger Saalachtal.

 Arrive and enjoy - enjoyment that goes down well!

Elisabeth und Irmgard Lerchner