in the restaurant Country Hotel Kirchenwirt

We have indicated the main allergens in a separate menu.
Please let us know if you need it.


Clear soup with Frittaten (thinly sliced pancakes)
Euro 4,40

Soup with onions and gratinated cheese on toast
Euro 5,00

Cream soup of black salsify with stripes of salmon
Euro 5,80

Cream soup of herbs
Euro 5,00

6 pieces of grilled prawns with garlic-oil, baguette
Euro 15,00



Assorted salad
Euro 5,00

Assorted salad with grilled turkey
Euro 12,00

Assorted salad with slices of fried chicken breast and pumpkin oil (cold pressed)
Euro 12,00

Assorted lettuce salad with stripes of beef fillet & cèpes marinated with creamy pumpkin oil (cold pressed) dressing
Euro 15,00

Jacket potatoe “Caribbean” filled with shripms and chili-pineapple, sour cream, garnished with lettuce salad
Euro 15,00

Jacket potatoe with grilled stripes of beef fillet, peppers and white mushrooms, sour cream, garnished with lettuce salad
Euro 15,00

Jacket potatoe “Chili sin carne” filled with vegetarin chili, sour cream, garnished with lettuce salad
Euro 14,00

Jacket potatoe filled with roasted vegetables, sour cream, garnished with lettuce salad
Euro 14,00


Kirchenwirt Spieß - Mixed meat and vegetables on skewer, cocktail sauce, jacket potatoe and side-salad
Euro 22,00

Escalope of pork Viennese style with chips
Euro 13,50

“Stoabergschnitzel”: Breaded escalope of turkey, filled with ham and fresh cheese with horseradish, parsley potatoes
Euro 15,00

Chicken breast "Asian style" with curry and vegetables, basmati rice and side-salad 
Euro 18,50

Cordon Bleu of pork (breaded escalope with a slice of cheese and ham in between) with chips and cranberries
Euro 15,00

Escalope Crispy style filled with bacon, cheese and hot peppers, gratinated potatoes mixed with zucchini
Euro 16,50

Assorted grilled fish fillets, potatoes with sesame, herb butter and side-salad 
Euro 21,00

Grilled escaolpe of turkey with pepper’s gravy, accompanied by rice
Euro 15,00

Grilled salmon trout (from Ennsmannbauer) with herb's butter and parsil potatoes, side-salad
Euro 23,00


Devil's Toast: Grilled Sirloin steak on toast with spicy cocktail sauce, chips
Euro 15,00

Assorted grilled meat with vegetables, chips and herb's butter
Euro 18,00

Cheese Bacon Burger with Steakhouse chips and sour cream
Euro 16,00

Beef filet Tournedos with pepper's gravy, croquettes and broccoli
Euro 27,00

For small portions we can deduct Euro 2,00!


“Kasnock’n” Boiled dough drops with cheese and onions, side-salad
Euro 13,50

Fried zucchini-burger with sour cream and side-salad
Euro 13,50

Chili sin carne with Basmatirice and side-salad 
Euro 14,50

"Malfatti" - made with ricotta and spinach, brown butter, gratinated with cheese, side-salad 
Euro 13,50

Vegetables with curry, served with basmati rice, side-salad
Euro 14,50

Jacket potatoe with mixed, grilled vegetables, sour cream, garnished with lettuce salad - on request "vegan"!
Euro 14,00

Just comfortable.
... and Pasta!

Bio pasta with wild garlic (local production "Perchthof") with grilled prawns and white-wine-lemon sauce, side-salat
Euro 21,00

Lasagne al forno
Euro 11,50

Bio pasta (local production "Perchtbauer") with ceamy white wine sauce and salmon trout, side-salad
Euro 19,00

Vitamins, vitamins: Mixed salad
Euro 5,00


Chocolate mousse black & white
Euro 6,00

Euro 6,00

Homemade “Mohr im Hemd” with vanilla ice
Euro 6,00

Apple strudel with whipped cream and vanilla ice
Euro 5,00

Crêpes filled with vanilla ice cream, with chocolate sauce and almonds
Euro 6,00


Euro 2,60

Euro 3,10

Euro 3,40

Latte Macchiato
Euro 3,80

Caffè corretto: Espresso with Grappa
Euro 4,00

Irish-Coffee: Coffee with 2 cl Whisky and whipped cream
Euro 6,00

Baileys-Coffee: Coffee with 2 cl Baileys and whipped cream
Euro 6,00

All kind of coffees are also decaffeinated!


Cup of tea - black, green, herbs, fruits, ...
Euro 2,50

Hot chocolate with whipped cream
Euro 3,80

Hot Lemonade
Euro 3,00

Full body warm up - "Glühwein" or "Jagatee"